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Best Warranty Offered by our Authorized Ford Motor Company Dealers

No Ford vehicle is defect free. Defects may be unintentionally introduced into vehicles during the design and manufacturing processes and such defects could result in the need for repairs. For this reason, Ford provides the New Vehicle Limited Warranty in order to remedy any such defects that result in vehicle part malfunction or failure during the warranty period.

Our authorized Ford Motor Company dealers will repair, replace, or adjust all parts on your vehicle that malfunction or fail during normal use during the applicable coverage period due to a manufacturing defect in factory-supplied materials or factory workmanship.

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Automatic detection of parking place by effective Automatic parking assist system

The APAS maps the environment of the vehicle and detects the existence of accessible parking place where the vehicle can park. The two most important tasks the APAS include

  • Ford Cars And Trucks
  • The design of a feasible path geometry and The tracking of this reference in closed loop such that the longitudinal velocity of the vehicle is generated by the driver

  • Ford Cars And Trucks
  • The controller determines the steering wheel angle which is realized by an Electric Steering Assist System.

  • Ford Cars And Trucks
  • These tasks are performed by separate interconnected subsystems like ABS sensors. The ABS sensors of the vehicle can detect the displacement of the wheels of the car.

  • Ford Cars And Trucks
  • Based on these data, an estimator calculates the actual position and orientation of the car in a fixed word coordinate frame.

Exotic Interior Theme That adds Beauty to Ford Certified Vehicles

The interior theme of Ford certified cars and trucks are highly exotic with awesome features like,

  • The advanced Bluetooth audio helps you to stay connected to the world when you are in move. With this awesome radio facility you can pair your mobile and access your phonebook, dial, receive or check missed calls on the display. You can even stream music without reaching for your phone.

  • With boot swallows you can throw anything in. It has enough space and hence it is perfect for shopping and airport trips. Moreover rear seat can be folded and flat to fit in odd sized souvenir if needed.

  • The petrol engine is finely tuned and its higher low end torque makes Ford very responsive, great drivability and performance. Its superior power to weight ratio makes it responsive at low speeds and thus offer high end performance.

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  • Ford Cars And Trucks


    “ Awesome look and style. Great comfort in driving. Very good suspension, seating features. Automatic transmissions have torque convertors that are the equivalent to a clutch.”

  • Ford Cars And Trucks


    “ The gas mileage is very good. Transmission, steering, and braking are very responsive. High clearance.”

  • Ford Cars And Trucks


    “ The radio control on the steering wheel is convenient. Outstanding trunk space for the size of the car.”

  • Ford Cars And Trucks


    “ I love the way it drove. I loved the inside, the seats, the dash, the features like Bluetooth, Sirius radio and the smart looking alloy wheels.”